From remote working to remote recruiting to remote employee wellbeing, this week's Lunch & Learn looks at HR challenges & how to manage them!
With Caroline McEnery @TheHRSuite, Helen Dooley #CRPayroll & Fiona Deegan @LEOKilkenny
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Further recognition & support for the important role #EnterpriseCentres (€30m) & #DigitalHubs (€3m) play in driving local & #RegionalEnterprise development & #JobCreation #Budget2021 #NACEC @Entirl @EnterInnov @LAsIreland @Loc_Enterprise @ChambersIreland

Recovery focused investments:

➡️€10m for @IDAIRELAND for development for companies seeking to invest
➡️€30m for Call to regional enterprise centres for initiatives to create jobs
➡️€6.6m for Advanced Manufacturing centre in Limerick
➡️€3m for Digital Hubs network

Increases across all @DeptRCD rural schemes in #Budget21 providing vital investment in infrastructure for rural communities & creating jobs

➡️€55m Rural Regeneration
➡️€44m LEADER
➡️€20m Town & Village Renewal
➡️€12m Outdoor Recreation
➡️€10.5m LIS
➡️€5.5m CLAR

Agree with the conservative #budget2021 baseline which assumes no brexit deal and no vaccine before 2022, with Covid-19 GDP impact heavier in the domestic economy.

Next year, expected grown only 1.75% with a slow decline in unemployment

Return to 2019 GDP levels in 2022/2023

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